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Summer Fashion Trends with Global Desi

Comfort and style is a must for summer fashion. Read how to sizzle this summer with my fashion tips.

Pretty Playsuits and Gingham

My summer fashion wardrobe includes hot playsuits and the Gingham style. The fabric is soft and the look so trendy!

Summer Fashion Style: Accessories

Combine the look with a semi-circular bag by Global Desi.

Fashion Tips: Geometric Accessories

I've chosen geometrical shapes for accessories to keep the look structured. I believe in Less is More.

Strappy Summer Footwear

I've chosen strappy heels from Hamlyn Grande at RMZ Galleria. They are open, give a power to the walk, and ooze so much style!

Stay tuned for more on Summer Fashion!

Kashmira Lad
Bangalore Fashion Blogger